Quizzes - Gotta Love 'Em!

Hello all!

I have been on holiday break so I've had TONS of time lately!

I took some quizzes and I would like to share my results with you!

Put the drumstick down and listen! You are well-loved and have a lot to offer. You just need to believe in yourself. Everyone loves you. You are funny, cute and a best friend. You may noy be the homecoming queen, but who cares? You are the girl/boy next-door...that;s who all people want to be with. Embrace it. We can't ALL be Blair!

Boston Terrier
You have a fun, playful, happy-go-lucky personality. You're definitely a peace keeper in relationships as you just want everyone to have a good time.

You're energetic, athletic, and love a good job, but you'll drop it all for the change to have a good time with your loved ones.

For some reason the photo won't show up!

Down-to-earth, graceful, sweet. Your wedding will make you feel like you're dancing on a cloud.

Quiz #4 : Which Full House Character Are You?
Becky Donaldson-Katsopolis
Aunt Becky
You have the power to rein in rebellious people with your charms and calming ability. You are personable, talented individual who is generally liked by all. You have the kind of perky, fun personality that makes people want to be around you. You are romantic and you have good parenting skills even without being a parent. You are supportive but pragmatic.

Quiz #5 : What Flower Are You?

You have a soothing presence, people love your company and you always know how to make them better. You are thoughtful and considerate, often putting others first. You can make strangers feel at home. No matter how sad someone is feeling, you can always provide comfort and solace.

I tag you to take these quizzes and post a comment with your results!

Thank you for reading!

Love Allie!


  1. I got Belle on the Disney Bride Quiz!

    1. Cool! My sister's favorite Disney princess is Belle! I currently sleep in a Belle sleeping bag because it's really cold outside! :)

      Allie D.

  2. I took the full house one and I was uncle Jesse... Haha