Outfit Of The Day

Hey everyone! This weeks theme is OOTD, so I thought I'd share a picture of the outfit I'm wearing today.
So, today was a stay at home day, so I just wore a blue and white striped maxi skirt with a turqoise t-shirt and a bright orange jacket. =D I got both the skirt and t-shirt at Target, and the orange jacket is from one of my dance costumes last year.

I will see you next week!

God bless!


OOTD Inspirations!

This weeks theme is OOTD!

Today, I am going to share some OOTD inspirations!

What I'm going to do is put a clothing theme and post 2 pics for the theme!


{ Via https://www.wish.com/c/515daf298b44664200d1fdf1 }

{ Via http://paytonm7.tumblr.com/post/97830919244 }


{ Via http://girlsforever.wikia.com/wiki/Tomboy }

{ Via http://www.polyvore.com/cute_outfit/set?.embedder=2620426&.svc=pinterest&id=80152838 }


{ Via http://www.dicandiafashion.com/cute-summer-outfits-for-teenagers.html }

{ Via http://www.stopsolochicas.com/moda/looks-casuales-y-moda-para-chicas-jovenes/  }


{ Via http://www.polyvore.com/lace_belts/shop?query=lace+belts }

{ Via http://natalet.com/cute-dresses-for-teens/ }

That is all for now! Come back tomorrow!

Which outfit is your favorite?



Lace + Chambray - OOTD

Okay, to be completely honest, I just LOVE how my title rhymes. Blog post title goals! :P

This week's theme is OOTD. I usually like to dress quite fashionably but sometimes my outfits, especially in the summer, are predicted by the weather. This outfit is predicted by the weather! It is hot outside but in the morning or night it is good to have a little something warmer on, and my chambray being open, is that perfect touch!

I hope you enjoyed!

Come back tomorrow for Hope's post! :)

Have a wonderful week!



Meet Hope's Dogs!

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing today?

I am doing fine myself, thank you.

The theme this week is pets. So, today you all get to meet my dogs!

Currently, we have 5 dogs in the family and 3 cats. I don't have any photos of the cats so I'll only be sharing about the dogs.

I'll post a picture and a little bit about them from first acquired to just recent. 

I hope you enjoy meeting our doggie family!

Luke: Luke is 4 years old. His birthday is March 28, 2012. A German Short-Haired Pointer breeder's Australian Shepherd accidentally got mixed with the GSP's. We adopted Luke from the litter of pups! Delanie, my sister, started training him is 4-H right away. Luke is a very playful, loving dog!

Phoebe: Phoebe is my first 4-H project dog, whom I rescued from the My Pet's Animal Hospital. She was found on the road with heart worms. The hospital cured her and named her Hope! My name is Hope so I changed her name to Phoebe. Phoebe was said to be a Miniature Pinscher mix, but we are not completely sure. 

Minnie: Minnie is a Bosten Terrier whom was formerly our cousins dog. Minnie is very old and estimated to be 10 - 12 years old. Her age doesn't keep her spirits down though! Minnie is a very playful girl and loves to cuddle! She also loves the outdoors and spends lots of time outside soaking the sun! We love our sweet Minnie baby! 

Percy: Percy is a pug that I have acquired just this past July. He is 5 years old, with his birthday being January 17, 2011. Percy is so much fun! He is a wiggle-worm who loves to cuddle. Another thing he loves to do is eat! He LOVES food! He is actually on a diet because he can eat too much. Percy is named after both Percy the pug from Pocahontas and Percy Jackson. 

Prince: We actually just added Prince to the family a couple weeks back. Prince is a Miniature Pinscher who is 5 years old. He is a very hyper but sweet boy. He loves to run and cuddle, depending on his mood. My brother, Elliot, is doing 4-H with him along with Minnie. Prince also loves to eat, but he isn't on a diet like Percy.

I am glad all of you have had the opportunity to meet my dogs! 

Now, as I promised, here are the results for the Would You Rather game from last week (only one person responded). 

1. Play an instrument
2. Pop 
3. Music on device
4.Music from today
5. Listen to it
6. Duet
7. Acoustic Guitar
8. Both loud and quiet
9. With headphones
10. Alone

Thank you for everyone who responded!

Until next week,



These Are A Few Of My Favorite Songs...

Hey everyone! This weeks theme is music if you haven't already guessed. ;) I'll be doing a small post today and share a few songs that I really like with you. Starting with Praise You In This Storm by Casting Crowns. =D

Unbreakable Smile by Tori Kelly:

How Many Kings by Downhere:

Headphones by Britt Nicole:

And Beautiful You by Jonny Diaz:

Well I hope you liked those songs. (I do) Tell me which one is your favorite!

God bless!



Would You Rather...Music Edition!

Hello everyone! 

My name is Hope and I am AFLAAT's new Wednesday blogger!

A little bit more about me will be posted soon on the 'Meet the Authors' page so be sure to check it out!

Anyway, as you already know from Allie's post yesterday, this week's posting theme is music! 

Today, I will be doing an interactive post with you all. We are going to play...

Would You Rather...!

Here is some more information/rules:

  1. I will be posting 10 different Would You Rather's.
  2. Comment below your answers for each one in the comments (you may answer 'both'.)
  3. Next week I will post the results in my blog post!
  4. I will also include what I would rather do just for fun.
Now, who's ready to play? Let's get started!

1. Would you rather sing or play an instrument?

I would do both! I love singing and playing my acoustic guitar.

2. Would you rather listen to pop or rock music?

Definitely pop!

3. Would you rather listen to the radio or your music on your device (phone, ipod, etc.)?

I would rather listen to my own music, as long as I have updated songs from the radio!

4. Would you rather listen to 80's music or music from today?

I enjoy some 80's songs but I'd rather listen music from today.

5. Would you rather dance to the music or just listen to it?

For me, it really depends on the song and/or my mood.

6. Would you rather sing/play an instrument solo or duet?

I would feel more comfortable doing a duet, but I like the idea of both.

7. Would you rather play an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar?

An acoustic guitar! I tried out an electric before and it actually sounds weird when you're playing it but when others are it sounds really cool.

8. Would you rather listen to really loud or kind of quiet?

REALLY loud! I love my music loud, with or without headphones!

9. Would you rather listen to your music with headphones or without?

I like both ways, but it depends on the environment. If I am back in my room with my sister, I listen to it without headphones. *Pulls out headphones to listen to music*

10. Would you rather sing alone or with your friends?

It really depends on my mood. If I am comfortable and my friends know the song I'll sing with them but most times I sing alone (or with my sister). 

Well, drop your answers down in the comments below! I can't wait to see some of your answers!

Next week, I will include the results of the most common answer of each question. 

See ya'all next week!



music | vocal or instrumental sounds (or both)

Hey y'all!

This week's theme is music and I wanted to share some of my favorite songs.

I have wrote songs in the past...and I hope to write more soon....But I will not be sharing any of my song lyrics with y'all today. I may sometime soon, but I'm just a little insecure about them at the moment.

Let's start with some of my favorites.

I love Walk on the Water by Britt Nicole

Here is the Behind the Song video for Walk on the Water

I am enjoying many songs by David Dunn, Beloved by Jordan Feliz and I love You are Loved by Stars Go Dim.

I hope you enjoyed this post! :)

Allie D.


The Liebster Award - Katie

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. Anyway, you probably found out in Allie's post that we've been nominated for the Liebster Award. So now it's my turn! Yay!

Thank you Hannah and Ellie for nominating us!

1. Link back to the person who nominated you
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you
3. Nominate 11 bloggers (who have less than 1,000 followers)
4. Ask the bloggers 11 questions
5. Let them know that you’ve nominated them

Hannah’s questions:

What is a story that you’re writing? (tell a little about it if you have one:)
I’m not writing a story at the moment.:-)

What is your favorite song?
Right now I like “Praise You In This Storm” by Casting Crowns, but I also like “Unbreakable Smile” by Tori Kelly.

What is your favorite book series?
I love The Trixie Belden series! I read to book #9, then I realized we didn’t have #10, and I didn’t want to skip ahead, so I’ve yet to finish the series.

Who is your favorite Bible character?
Besides Jesus, probably Joseph. (The one from the Old Testament)

Favorite book?
The Bible. I don’t know what my favorite fictional book is though.:-/

Would you rather read or write?

What is your favorite blog?

Why did you start a blog?
I started a blog because it’s fun, I can share about my life, help people to grow in their relationship with Christ, and it also gives me a place to put my ramblings.:-)

Do you like reading fiction or non-fiction better?
Most of the time fiction, but it really depends on the book.

Who is your favorite Christian hero? (who is not alive)
I’m not quite sure. (Well, besides Jesus anyways)

Do you like World history or American history better?
This is a hard one! I really like American history, (plus it’s really important to know the history of your own country) but I’m also fascinated with ancient history, (Especially Egypt’s) so I guess it’s a tie.

Ellie’s Questions:
1. What is your favorite school subject right now?
I don't really have a favorite right now. =)

2. What are some names you love and why?
I love the names Hazel, Iris, and Holly. I'm not exactly sure why, but it's mostly because I like the sound of them and they remind me of pretty things.

3. If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?
New Zealand

4. If you could eat anything right now, what would you eat?
If I could eat anything, I'd eat a whole bunch of white and milk chocolate. (I haven't had either of them for a long time)

5. What is your dream car?
I haven't really thought about that so I'm not sure.

6. What is your favorite fruit?
I think strawberries.

7. If you could live anywhere from a show, where would you live? (example: I’d live in the old times in When Calls the Heart)
Maybe The Shire or Rivendell from Lord of the Rings, or maybe Narnia?

8. If you could learn how to do anything right now, what would you learn?
Probably how to play the piano or guitar.

9. What is your favorite artist right now?
I don't think I have one at the moment.

10. What are your favorite Christian lyrics in a song?
Of course right now it's this:
I will praise you in this storm and I will lift my hands for you are who you are no matter where I am. -Casting Crowns

I nominate whoever would like to do this. =)

Again, thank you to Hannah and Ellie for nominating us!

God bless!