Ellie Grace #2 + Another Nature Photoshoot

Image result for pumpkin pieEllie Grace is my beagle basset hound mix. She loves to play with my brother's tennis balls and chew up my stuff! Oh and lick her paws on my bed and get it all wet!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures. She is just the sweetest thing! I also gave her a full name : Eloise Grace.


Ellie also loves playing with Riley (the family dog), especially tug of war!

Have a great weekend!


Disney on Ice

Hi guys! I hope that you all had a great weekend! I definitely did! My family went to Alabama to go see Disney on Ice. It was SO amazing! I love Disney and I love watching ice skaters so it was *perfect* for me. They were all really amazing skaters and of course, they were all skating to Disney music and dressed up as the characters. Here are a couple pics that I got. 😀


A Rainy Day and Other Nature Photos

Hello, Jana here! It's been pretty rainy lately where I live, so I decided to take a few pics of the rain. Not all of the photos are of rain (I took some nature photos, too) Enjoy!

The little dots are rain!

Look at this weird colored lemon in my yard!


Yes-most of these photos weren't of rain but I still like the title of this post  I just love to take photos of nature! I love the great outdoors.
I think next week I'll post an award (I've been nominated for two awards this month, and I'd normally post them on my other doll blog but just to spread it out I thought I'd do one on my other blog and one here.) So look out for that next Saturday!