My Morning Routine

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My morning changes a lot, but here is how it typically looks: 

7:30: I get up and get dressed. 

7:40: I make my bed, then I read in my bible.

8:00: I feed the dog and then I do my workout program 

8:30: I eat a breakfast typically of watermelon while checking my email, and all social medias.

9:00: once I'm done catching up on reading blog posts and what everyone else is doing, I write my own blog posts and long emails. 

9:30: this is when I typically have my reading time. Or I write letters. I read till lunch. 

And that is my morning routine, whats yours? 


5 Health Tips

Hey guys!!
It's Ellie!!
Today I'm here to talk about my health tips.
Although I'm not an expert on this subject, I thought I'd just share my opinion on some tips!!

1. Drink Water.
Yes, Emily already said this, but I just to say it again!! It's super important to drink water. I know I always want to drink sugary drinks other than plain old water, but it's important that you drink water. I usually drink it right after I work out or when I'm really hot. Just sit down, take a breather, and drink some water.

2. Stretch
Now this is a little bit of a sports health tip, but really I think it's super important to stretch even if you aren't doing a sport. Stretching helps you become more flexible and fit.

3. Exercise.
From running to get doing 15 pushups a day it's important to exercise at least I little bit a day. Exercising helps you become stronger which is important. You don't have to have a six pack. You're muscles don't have to be giant and muscular. You just need to exercise at least a little bit. :)

4. Eat a good breakfast.
I always like breakfast to be my good healthy meal. Sometimes I don't always eat a big lunch so it's important to have a big breakfast to help you take on the day!! It doesn't have to be the healthiest meal ever. It just at least has to be something big to help you have energy for the day!! And not a lot of sugar either.

5. Make goals for yourself.
This helps you accomplish these tips to make you healthier. Making goals for what I think will push me and help me become stronger really helps. Whenever I make a goal, I'm so determined I hardly ever do less than that goal. Goals are very helpful. Don't make them impossible, but don't make them super easy. Just make your goal to where you think that would challenge you. And then do it!!

I hope these tips help you!! I really enjoyed doing this post.
Thanks for reading!!

And if you ever need a motivational workout buddy. Or a person to do goals with. I'm here. I'd love to do it with you!! So give me a holler in the comments! It'd make my day!!

bouncing in to say bye,
                                                           Ellie or Bernie (it's my nickname) :P



Ok personally, I love Halloween. It is one of my all time favroite hallidays. I get to dress up and I get candy for free. Like is there anything better in life????

This year I decided to be a vampire princess. The only thing that I did for my costume was paint my nails with glow in the dark nail polish, put on the dress, put on some makeup, and add a couple of fake tattoos to my neck. Nothing too flashy 

This year for once we actually started at my house. Usually my family goes to one of our friends houses. 3 families came over and after having a dinner of hotdogs we set of trick or treating. 

I had a lot of fun with my friend and I would say I got a good amount of candy. Not to much but not a small amount either. 

What did you guys do for Halloween? What did you dress up as? Watch any scary movies?