Days of Christmas : Easy Hot Cocoa recipe

Hello everyone! Today I am due for a recipe post. What better than hot cocoa?! Alright, I'll not keep you waiting any longer...

1 cup of any milk (I used almond)
2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
3-5 tablespoons of sugar, depending on personal preference (or sugar-like substitute. I used xylitol)
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract
pinch of salt (optional)
sprinkle of cinnamon (optional)

Combine all of the ingredients in a small saucepan on medium high heat, and heat (while stirring) until you've reached your desired temperature:

Pour into a mug, garnish with your desired toppings, and you're done!

 Yup, that's it! It's not called an easy recipe for nothing!

Tell me in the comments what your favorite Christmas treat is!


Merry Christmas!!!

NOTICE- This post was published on Dec. 23, as I will be busy on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day :)-
Hello everyone, and Merry Christmas! Ahh! I can't believe the day's finally here!! :D I'm super excited to spend time with family, eat food, open presents, and of course, celebrate Jesus' birthday! What are you guys doing today? ^-^

(These pics were taken when me and my family went Christmas-light-looking :D)

I hope you guys have an amazing day! Merry Chrismas!
P.S. Be sure to read the post I'm gonna publish this Saturday, it's fairly important :3


Days of Christmas : A Christmas Blog Button

Hi everyone! Maddy here, sorry that I didn't post last week! I had a Spanish test that afternoon and I didn't have time to get on and post. Anyway, I'm still doing the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge. Today, it was to make a Christmas like blog button. I was super excited to get this one because I love making blog buttons! I can make you one here. Now though, my version of a Christmas blog button. Let me know what you think of it!

Merry Christmas!



Days of Christmas : A Christmas Poster

Here is a Christmas poster that I made!

Yes, that font is Lavanderia! :)

With love,
Allie D.

*SO for some reason I can't find the signatures!!!*


Days of Christmas : Christ Centered Christmas Quotes

I'm sharing some Christ centered Christmas quotes with you guys today. Be sure to tell me which was your favorite in the comments!

Church Ideas and Tools - Deck Your Halls for Christmas - It's Not Too Late! - Outreach, Inc. Blog | Outreach, Inc Blog:
  I am so glad I get to go to church on Christmas. This is the true meaning of Christmas!:
 Each of us is an InnKeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus (Free wall print):
 yeah, so that's about all there is now: A simple Christmas is just about simply celebrating Christ. And Simplicity isn't a matter of Circumstances-- it's a matter of Focus. So bring on the joy & brave merry: Just Keep Calm & Focus on Christ.  {Free printable}

Free Printable: Wise Men Still Seek Him
Hope you got something from this post!


Days of Christmas : My Christmas Wishlist~

Hello everyone!!! ^_^ Happy weekend! I can't believe Christmas is only... how many days away? 12? I don't really know, LOL! Speaking of Christmas, today for the 12 Days of Christmas Blogger Challenge, I'm going to be sharing my Christmas wishlist! :) I don't have many things on my list this year... I hope you guys don't fall asleep! xD

                                            1. Converse, Converse, Converse!

Yep yep, I'm a huge fan of Converse, and the black ones in the pic above are totally on my wishlist xD

2. Dolfin swimsuits!

If you guys didn't know, I'm a pretty competitive swimmer and swimming is definitely my talent :) I LOVE Dolfin Uglies swimsuits and have a couple on my list this year :3

                                                              3. Toms shoes!

Yeah, I also love Toms shoes, and the black ones in the photo are on my list ;)

4. The Hunger Games movie #1

Yeah, THG is also another favorite thing of mine! :D I really want the first movie ^_^

5. The Hunger Games Katniss doll

Need I explain why I want this doll? Dolls and the Hunger Games- well, nothing beats that. x3

6. Animal Jam 3 month membership card

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Animal Jam, and I'm currently a non member, so I would love to be a member! :) Sorry if I talk about AJ a lot ;D I'm totally obsessed with it :3

And that's my wishlist!
My family visited this awesome lake the other day, and I took a few pics :) I thought I would show them to you guys ;)

Talk to you guys next week! ^_^ What's on your Christmas wishlist?


Days of Christmas : Gift I Made

Hey everyone! I'm going to share with you pictures of the process of  me making a Christmas present, a.k.a. a clay jewelry dish.
I took red and white clay, (Christmas theme ;) ) rolled them into snake shapes, and placed them next to each other:

Then I twisted them together:

Rolled it out, folded it in half, twisted it, and then rolled it out again:

Then I gently rolled it into a ball:

Rolled it flat and thin:

Took an energy powder container, placed it on the clay, then traced around it with a knife to make a circle:

Lastly I placed it into a ramekin and baked it according to the directions on the clay packaging:

The result:

You're supposed to paint the edges, but that part slipped my mind while I was making it. =P

Oh, and also, we had a flood, a pretty decent one for where I live in the Pacific Northwest. I mean, It rains a lot here, but it normally doesn't flood, and if it does, it's a pretty small one. Here's a few pictures of a local park: (Btw, where the water is there's normally a big field) I also made the bottom picture really big so you could see the park benches better.


Days of Christmas : Traditions

Hey y'all!

Today I have some Christmas traditions that I would like to share with you!

1. Sometime before Christmas (usually on Christmas Eve) we have a baking day where we make a bunch of goodies as well as the annual Christmas cookies.

2. We now read this book every year and this year we have studies in the morning.

3. Every year we go to the Christmas Eve service at our church

4. Every black Friday my twin brother and one of my older sisters' decorate our house a little bit while my mom, my sister, and I go shopping. Then when we get back to the house we decorate the rest.

5. Now that we're older we like to have all of our presents wrapped and put under the tree or in our stockings.

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?



Looking for New Bloggers

Hello all!

I am looking for new bloggers at my joint blog, A Friend Loves at All Times.

I am looking for two young ladies who could help posting once a week.

If you could please fill out the form below it would help us tremendously!

Thank you!


The Days of Christmas : 5 of My Favorite Christmas Songs

Hey everyone! It's Maddy here! I'm very excited to say that starting today until Christmas, we will be doing the 12 Day Christmas Blogging Challenge! Megan over at A Barefoot Gal started it and head over to her blog if you want to do it a well! So, to start it off, I'll be posting about five of my favorite  Christmas songs. I'm so happy to get this one because I love Christmas music! Enjoy the post!

A Christmas Challenge


Five Of My Favorite Christmas Songs...

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
Carols Of The Bells.
The Sugar Plum Fairy
All I Want For Christmas Is You
Little Drummer Boy
There are five of my favorite Christmas songs!
Come back next where I'll talk about my favorite Christmas food. Until next week!