Days of Christmas : My Christmas Wishlist~

Hello everyone!!! ^_^ Happy weekend! I can't believe Christmas is only... how many days away? 12? I don't really know, LOL! Speaking of Christmas, today for the 12 Days of Christmas Blogger Challenge, I'm going to be sharing my Christmas wishlist! :) I don't have many things on my list this year... I hope you guys don't fall asleep! xD

                                            1. Converse, Converse, Converse!

Yep yep, I'm a huge fan of Converse, and the black ones in the pic above are totally on my wishlist xD

2. Dolfin swimsuits!

If you guys didn't know, I'm a pretty competitive swimmer and swimming is definitely my talent :) I LOVE Dolfin Uglies swimsuits and have a couple on my list this year :3

                                                              3. Toms shoes!

Yeah, I also love Toms shoes, and the black ones in the photo are on my list ;)

4. The Hunger Games movie #1

Yeah, THG is also another favorite thing of mine! :D I really want the first movie ^_^

5. The Hunger Games Katniss doll

Need I explain why I want this doll? Dolls and the Hunger Games- well, nothing beats that. x3

6. Animal Jam 3 month membership card

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Animal Jam, and I'm currently a non member, so I would love to be a member! :) Sorry if I talk about AJ a lot ;D I'm totally obsessed with it :3

And that's my wishlist!
My family visited this awesome lake the other day, and I took a few pics :) I thought I would show them to you guys ;)

Talk to you guys next week! ^_^ What's on your Christmas wishlist?


  1. Aww! I love those converse! I'm a big converse fan to. I have like three pairs hehe :P and I also am a hunger games fan too! #TeamGale or #TeamPeeta? Nice wish list! Love the photography too!
    Ellie R.

    1. I know!!! Converse rocks xD LOL xP Yay for Hunger Games fans!! :D :D I'm probably more of #TeamPeeta (Peeta is awesome :3) but I wish Katniss and Gale had a better ending :/ Who's "team" are you on? :D

  2. #Team Peeta all the way. I love the hunger Games