My Favorite Snacks


This week we will be sharing our favorite snacks, so enjoy!

Here are my favorites!

1. Smoothies
Smoothie, Raspberry, Food, Healthy, Fruit, Fresh
Smoothies are a perfect touch to any day!  I love making tropical smoothies or strawberry smoothies.

2. Fruit
Raspberries, Fruits, Berries, Fruit, Red, Food, Berry
Fruit always makes a good snack.  But remember to have a protein with your fruit!

3. Popsicles/Hot Cocoa
Hot Chocolate, Heart, Beverage, Spoon Polka Dots
In the summer popsicles and slushies are a good choice for a snack and in the winter hot cocoa is a good snack.

4. Chex Mix/Pretzels/Crackers
Snack, Mix, Pretzels, Crackers, Food, Chex, Cereal
Crackers or pretzels are a good snack and you can eat either one with peanut butter or cheese.  Chex Mix is also a good snack.

5. Rice Cakes
Rice Cakes, Snack, Food
Rice cakes are a good snack and you can eat them plain or you can spread something on them.

And those are my favorites!

Have a fantastic day! :)


Favorite Snacks List

Hello! Emily here, and today I'm sharing my favorite snacks list with ya'll, since that is this week's theme.

Peanut Butter Oatmeal  Chocolate-Chip Smoothie

Photo via
This is one of my favorite smoothies! Click here to get the recipe. If you make the recipe as-is, it's delicious , but if you add some chocolate chips (like I do), it's even better! :)                     

Cookie Dough Dip

Photo via
Another favorite snack from CCK! This one is really easy and healthy for you (due to the secret ingredient ;), and also tastes just like real cookie dough! Click here to get the recipe.

Chips and Salsa

I don't have a recipe for this one, but it's another delicious snack. And it is pretty easy to make homemade salsa (I've done it myself!)

No Bake Cookies

These cookies are another quick and easy snack to make, and I make them often for my family. Click here to get my recipe.

Well, that's all for now!   I hope you enjoyed these recipes. =) Have you ever made any of these? What are your favorite snacks?
Thanks for reading!



Hey everyone, it's Katie. Yes, I'm actually back! Anywho, I'm going to be sharing my favorite websites with you today.

Image result for pinterest logo
Pinterest is number one on my list of course. It's like a bulletin board of everything. As you probably know, I haven't been active in blogging for a while, but I've been on pinterest almost everyday. Now I have two quick  things to caution you on. First of all, remember that pinterest has almost no restrictions on what people can pin so be careful what your looking at, just like you would on most other forms of social media. Second of all, it's easy to get addicted. :)

Project Inspired is one website that I love. It's a site with posts, forums, and games aimed directly at Christian girls.

Unsplash is basically where you can get free stock photos and use them however you want. I use this site quite often for my blogs sake.

That's all the sites I can think of today. Comment and tell me what some of your favorite websites are!

Have a great day and God bless!



My Favorite Apps

Hey y'all!

Today I have some of my favorite apps and websites.  I hope you enjoy! :)

Here are all of my apps.  This is not my usual wallpaper, but my usual wallpaper has photos of me, so I just changed it to this.

The first folder I have is called "Audio/Music" and it just has Pandora and YouTube in it.

The next folder is "Notes" and it has my Floating Stickies and Memo in it.

The next is just my basic tools. I have my alarm, calculator, calendar, Chrome, Google, National What Day?, and the Play Store.

The next folder is my games, that I barely play.  I have Color Switch, Disney Crossy Road, Fruit Ninja, Magic Piano, Parking Mania, and Piano Tiles 2.

Next I have my photography folder and I have my camera, Dropbox, Gallery, photo cropping apps, Pic Collage, and VSCO.

The next folder is my Bible stuff.  I have the YouVersion Bible app and She Reads Truth.

My next folder is my social medias. I have Bloglovin', Etsy, Goodreads, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest.

I have all of my messaging apps in one folder, I have Email, Gmail, Hangouts, Skype, and Textfree Pinger.

And that's all!
Do you have any of these apps?  What are your favorites?


My Favorite Apps and Websites

Hello, Mikayla here!

Okay, so I really don't use apps, so most of these are just websites, but some also have apps. 

1. Picmonkey
This is my favorite site ever. Its a photo editing site, and you can use it for free and its got all sorts of cool stuff you can do on it. I make all my post graphics on it. You can also upgrade to Royal membership to have access to more stuff (and no ads), but you can still use the site without having Royal membership. I have it because I use the site to design covers and its worth my money to have access to all the stuff.

(There is no app for this, and you cannot use it on your mobile device, only on your computer in your browser)

Okay, so their logo isn't the coolest, but Word Hippo is really amazing. Its basicly a word database. You can look up opposite words, other words for things, words in different languages,sample sentences with a word, and (My favorite) rhyming words. I use the rhyming words resource all the time for my poetry. 

(This does not have an app, but you can use it on a browser on your mobile device)

3. Pandora

This is a site where you create your own personal radio station. You just put in an artist's name and it creates a station, playing their music and artists like them. 
I have a station for Britt Nicole, and it plays a lot of TobyMac, Jamie Grace and Mandisa, which I love. I also discovered some new arstist that I really love now.
Its a great way to listen to music by artists you love, and maybe find some new ones. 
It does have ads on it, but it has never had anything inappropriate for me. You can pay to have the ads go away, if you like. 

(This can be played on a browser or in their app.)

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a basically virtual bulletin board of photo. You can have lots of different boards, and pin things to them. 
I love it because I can save off awesome photos, and find photos of my book characters. They have an amazing database of crafting projects and such. 
I would just warn people though, there are no rules about what you can and cannot pin, so there's some bad stuff on there, I would be cautious while on it. 

(This can be used in your browser, or in their app)

5. NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo and its other site Camp NaNoWriMo are an amazing challenge for writers. NaNo runs three times a year. In November they have their biggest challenge: Write 50,000 words in 30 days. In April and July you can choose your own word count goal.
Sometimes all you need as a writer is an incentive to write more, and NaNo allows you to have goal your working towards, and they have prizes they give out at the end to all winners. You also have the chance to write along with tons of other writers.
I love using this because it really motivates me to write.

(This does not have an app, it can only be viewed in a browser)

So what are some of your favorite websites/apps?
Please share, because I loving finding new stuff!


What's in My Bag

Hey y'all!
This week's theme is "What's in My Bag".  So I will be posting about what is in my bag.

Here are the contents of my bag
My sunglasses, my wallet, gum, Aveeno Gentle Skin Relief Lotion, EOS Pomegranate, Softlips vanilla, compact mirror, EOS pink lotion, Warm Vanilla Sugar hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works, and my peach Baby Lips.

As you can tell, I have lots of lotion and lip balm in my bag!

I usually use one of these three cross-body bags, but I have a few other bags as well.

So what do you have in your bag?


Whats in My bag?

Alright, so this weeks theme is "what's in my bag," so that's what I'm posting today!

So that is my purse. with my key chains attached that I just love. =) So instead of doing a lot of photos of what's in my bag, I just laid it all out and did one big photo with explanations attached. =)

I hope you enjoyed that!