My Favorite Snacks


This week we will be sharing our favorite snacks, so enjoy!

Here are my favorites!

1. Smoothies
Smoothie, Raspberry, Food, Healthy, Fruit, Fresh
Smoothies are a perfect touch to any day!  I love making tropical smoothies or strawberry smoothies.

2. Fruit
Raspberries, Fruits, Berries, Fruit, Red, Food, Berry
Fruit always makes a good snack.  But remember to have a protein with your fruit!

3. Popsicles/Hot Cocoa
Hot Chocolate, Heart, Beverage, Spoon Polka Dots
In the summer popsicles and slushies are a good choice for a snack and in the winter hot cocoa is a good snack.

4. Chex Mix/Pretzels/Crackers
Snack, Mix, Pretzels, Crackers, Food, Chex, Cereal
Crackers or pretzels are a good snack and you can eat either one with peanut butter or cheese.  Chex Mix is also a good snack.

5. Rice Cakes
Rice Cakes, Snack, Food
Rice cakes are a good snack and you can eat them plain or you can spread something on them.

And those are my favorites!

Have a fantastic day! :)

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