Goodbye Jana

We are very upset to announce that Miss Jana is going to be quitting AFLAAT. She just feels like she needs to step down at this time.

We are looking for 2 new bloggers to take Jana's position. If you are interested in blogging here at A Friend Loves at All Times once every week please fill out this form. Thank you!

We will be taking a slight break from January 1st-January 20th so that we can recruit new bloggers and recover from the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.

We all have a few words for Jana as she is taking this new transition.

A Message from the Group
"Thank you so much, Jana, for blogging with use for a few months. You are an amazing photographer, even though your camera was lost most of the time!  We have had some good times with you! Thank you again for being a great friend and blogger!"
Love your friends, Allie, Katie, and Maddy

A Message from Allie
"Thank you very much for being a blogger on my joint blog!  I have had so much fun being your friend for about a year!  I was so excited to have you blogging on my joint blog!  We are a lot alike and if you want to blog for AFLAAT anytime in the future just shoot me an email with a post! Love ya!"

A Message from Katie
"Thank you so much Jana for taking your time to post with us on AFLAAT these past few months. It's been such a blessing to have been able to post on the same blog as you! We'll miss your posting, but I also pray for you to have lot's of fun with any other blogging projects that you may take on in the future!
God bless you!"

A Message from Maddy
"Though it's sad that you are going to have to stop this blog, I loved the time that we got to blog together and get to know one another! You have been super sweet, having a kind and gentle spirit. Your posts have been amazing whether you shared some of your gorgeous photography, or just some writing. I'm very blessed have had the time to blog with you! Jana, we'll miss you girl!"

Thank you again Jana!  We hope that you have a wonderful rest of your life and we want you to know how greatly you have blessed us!  We have a little certificate for you. You can hang it up on your wall or you can just keep it on your nightstand. We are just so glad that we have called you our friend! :)