Days of Christmas : Gift I Made

Hey everyone! I'm going to share with you pictures of the process of  me making a Christmas present, a.k.a. a clay jewelry dish.
I took red and white clay, (Christmas theme ;) ) rolled them into snake shapes, and placed them next to each other:

Then I twisted them together:

Rolled it out, folded it in half, twisted it, and then rolled it out again:

Then I gently rolled it into a ball:

Rolled it flat and thin:

Took an energy powder container, placed it on the clay, then traced around it with a knife to make a circle:

Lastly I placed it into a ramekin and baked it according to the directions on the clay packaging:

The result:

You're supposed to paint the edges, but that part slipped my mind while I was making it. =P

Oh, and also, we had a flood, a pretty decent one for where I live in the Pacific Northwest. I mean, It rains a lot here, but it normally doesn't flood, and if it does, it's a pretty small one. Here's a few pictures of a local park: (Btw, where the water is there's normally a big field) I also made the bottom picture really big so you could see the park benches better.

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