The Missing Camera Ordeal

Hey girls, Jana here! Sorry for not posting last Saturday. The one-and-only camera I have [not counting the cameras of the electronics I own- I think you guys like looking through clouds while seeing pics.] went missing, and I went about a week without it. A WEEK. FOR A BLOGGER. Okay, I guess I can stop shouting at you guys now- but you get my point. It's frustrating, trying to blog without a camera. Then, my little brother found my cam in a drawer. ITS STILL A MYSTERY OF HOW IT GOT IN THE DRAWER. But anyways, now I have my camera back, and I can get back on my blogging schedule
And here are a couple of a flower plant in my front yard, so as to not make this post completely photo-free :

And that's all for today, folks! *takes a bow*
Thanks for reading A Friend Loves at all Times today, and have an awesome rest of your week


  1. All of those pictures are lovely! Glad your brother found your camera.

  2. Beautiful pictures! So glad that you found your camera!