Would You Rather...Music Edition!

Hello everyone! 

My name is Hope and I am AFLAAT's new Wednesday blogger!

A little bit more about me will be posted soon on the 'Meet the Authors' page so be sure to check it out!

Anyway, as you already know from Allie's post yesterday, this week's posting theme is music! 

Today, I will be doing an interactive post with you all. We are going to play...

Would You Rather...!

Here is some more information/rules:

  1. I will be posting 10 different Would You Rather's.
  2. Comment below your answers for each one in the comments (you may answer 'both'.)
  3. Next week I will post the results in my blog post!
  4. I will also include what I would rather do just for fun.
Now, who's ready to play? Let's get started!

1. Would you rather sing or play an instrument?

I would do both! I love singing and playing my acoustic guitar.

2. Would you rather listen to pop or rock music?

Definitely pop!

3. Would you rather listen to the radio or your music on your device (phone, ipod, etc.)?

I would rather listen to my own music, as long as I have updated songs from the radio!

4. Would you rather listen to 80's music or music from today?

I enjoy some 80's songs but I'd rather listen music from today.

5. Would you rather dance to the music or just listen to it?

For me, it really depends on the song and/or my mood.

6. Would you rather sing/play an instrument solo or duet?

I would feel more comfortable doing a duet, but I like the idea of both.

7. Would you rather play an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar?

An acoustic guitar! I tried out an electric before and it actually sounds weird when you're playing it but when others are it sounds really cool.

8. Would you rather listen to really loud or kind of quiet?

REALLY loud! I love my music loud, with or without headphones!

9. Would you rather listen to your music with headphones or without?

I like both ways, but it depends on the environment. If I am back in my room with my sister, I listen to it without headphones. *Pulls out headphones to listen to music*

10. Would you rather sing alone or with your friends?

It really depends on my mood. If I am comfortable and my friends know the song I'll sing with them but most times I sing alone (or with my sister). 

Well, drop your answers down in the comments below! I can't wait to see some of your answers!

Next week, I will include the results of the most common answer of each question. 

See ya'all next week!



  1. Replies
    1. Cool Nabila! What about the rest? You can answer them in an order like this.
      1. Sing
      2. --
      3. --

      and so on if you would like!


  2. 1. Hm...I'd probably say play an instrument.
    2. Pop.
    3. On my iPod. All the stuff I listen to on the radio is very old. they don't play much variety either.
    4.Music from today.
    5.listen to it. I do like dancing to slow songs though!
    6. Duet. I like the harmony.
    7. acoustic guitar.
    9.with. I always listen to music in my kitchen so..
    10. probably sing alone.
    This is cool! :) And welcome to the blog!
    Ellie R.