Summer Wishlist - 10 Things I'm Wishlisting This Summer

Hey y'all!

This week's theme is "Summer Wishlist" so I have 10 things that I am wishlisting this summer.

1. This really neat Simply Straight Hair Straightening Brush
This hairbrush looks so cool!  I wonder if it works!

2. More Notebooks
I really need some new notebooks.  I love getting really cute notebooks.

3. A New Pair of Glasses
I wear reading glasses, and I'd like a new pair.
4. A Kavu Crossbody Backpack
I ordered a Kavu Crossbody Backpack, but it hasn't came yet, as of today, I am very excited to receive it. This is the one that I ordered.

5. Better quality makeup
I would like to get some better quality makeup soon.

6. Some new nail polishes
I'd like some new nail polishes.  I really love the brand of Sinful Colors nail polish. I love This dark berry, this green, and this periwinkle.

7. This dog subscription box for my dog, Ellie
I love this BarkBox dog subscription box and I'd love it for Ellie my Beagle.
8. A new pair of shoes
I don't really care what kind, as long as I like them, but I really want a new pair of shoes!
9. A new statement necklace
I love wearing statement jewelry and I'd love a new statement necklace.  Charming Charlie has tons of great statement necklaces like this one!

10. This Happiness Planner
Halle from She Conquers the Chaos just wrote a post about the Happiness Planner on her blog.  I had never heard of it, but it is really cool and it would be great to have! Here is a link to the Happiness Planner.

What is on your summer wishlist?

Thanks for reading! :)