Tips About My Favorite Hobby

Hello! Mikayla here, and I’m going to share with you my top five tips on photography!

1. Often times the same photo at one time is a complete flop
but if you wait for the lighting to change, becomes much better. So watch your lighting and make sure it’s really how you want it. Cloudy days are especially good because you don’t get a lot of shadows!

2. Try new stuff. 
Whether you’re a newbie, or you’re an old pro, or anywhere between, trying new stuff is always good. It helps keep your photography fresh and you inspired. Try creative blocking, or a whole new angle, or photographing a subject that you’ve never done before. 

3. Don’t let others get you down. 
When I first started photography, I was encouraged by my family a lot. But after a few years, I started having other people criticize my photography. They told me all my photos looked alike, I took too many, and I had to learn lots of technical stuff to take a decent photo. You can’t just throw what they say out the window. Think on it some. But guys, photography is an art, and you have to find your style. Some people aren’t going to like that. I’m not saying their wrong, just that you have to decide for yourself. 

4. Start where you are and use what you can. 
Despite what people will tell you, or you may believe, you do not need a fancy camera to get great photos. Weather you own an Iphone, a small camera, or a camera worth hundreds of dollars, just start with that! You can generally get out of cameras what you put it. I was told lots of times that I could cox more out of our little family camera than anyone else could. That was because I played with it until I got the result that I wanted. So start where you are, use what you can, and then you can start thinking about upgrading. 

5. Sometimes it is necessary to look ridiculous for the cause. 
It’s sad but true. Sometimes you have got to lie on your stomach in wet grass to get a photo, or crouch really low. Sometimes you’ve got to make a silly face to make a kid smile, sometimes you’ve got to stand on beds. Sometimes you’ve got to hang over a railing, and you have to sit down in the oddest places. In rare cases you may even have to stack chairs and books on top of each other to take a family photo. But guys, its worth. Every soaking outfit and cramped legs and weird look was worth it because that’s what it takes to get a good photo. One of my best photoshoots I had to sit down in running water to do.