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Today I have an old post from my blog, Spreading My Joy.

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Today I am sharing about weaknesses and what I believe weaknesses mean.

Maybe your weakness is lying, insecurity, breaking promises, anger, or depression.

I believe that weaknesses are not ways that we should feel bad about ourselves, beat ourselves up about, and feel like we aren't good enough, but ways that we should become closer to God in.

I struggle with insecurity, I am an extrovert and I feel like I should go talk to others about my faith or just talk to them but I feel my insecurities weighing me down and pulling me away. I'm constantly thinking about what they are going to think about me or what others will think about me if I go and talk to that lonely girl sitting by herself.

I have yet to overcome it, but I am not feeling weighed down by it, usually, and I feel that it's a way for me to become closer to the Lord.  To do harder things for my Savior.

Don't let your weaknesses hold you back: beautiful, fearless, smart, forgiving, sweet, caring, kind, secure.

Consider your weaknesses and insecurities as ways to get out of your cocoon and fly away as a beautiful new creature. Fly away as brave as a butterfly.

I hope you enjoyed this post! :)

...And what does fear have?  What are we afraid of?

What are your thoughts? :)

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