He Knows My Name | "I'm His"

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I've always loved the song "He Knows My Name" Here are some of the lyrics.

{ I have a Maker
He formed my heart
Before even time began
my life was in His hands

He knows my name
He knows my every thought
He hears each tear that falls
and He hears me when I call

I have a Father
He calls me His own
He'll never leave me
No matter where I go }

Today I was listening to He Knows My Name by Francesca Battistelli and it really got me thinking. Here are some of the lyrics to her version.

{ I don't need my name in lights
I'm famous in my Father's eyes
Make no mistake
He knows my name
I'm not living for applause
I'm already so adored
It's all His stage
He knows my name }

What I hear from these songs is that I am special in His eyes.

I don't need anyone else's approval because God has already approved me: special, adored, beautiful,
I'm His.

My confidence, my strength, my approval, my life, my encouragement, my compliments, and my love comes from Him: "I'm His"

You are His.


Thanks for reading!

Allie D.

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  1. This is so true. We need more of this in our lives.