Hey ladies!

Today I would like to share with y'all some things about myself lately.


Lately: I've been reading
I have been reading the Bible,

 The Samurai's Tale,
(all content of this book belongs to Erik Christian Haugaard)

 Jesus Calling,
(all content of this book belongs to Sarah Young)

 and The Sherwood Ring.
(all content of this book belongs to Elizabeth Marie Pope)

Lately: I've been designing...

I designed Sarah's blog, Forever Changed, Emma's blog Picture Perfectionist, and hopefully sometime soon I will design yet another lady named Sarah's blog, Bows and Clothes.

Lately: I've been photographing...

Here are a few of my latest pictures

*the rest of the ones from this photoshoot will be posted at my personal blog soon!*

Lately: I've been writing...

Here is one that I wrote this week
When I'm lost
I find my way

When I am weary
I'll get strength

When everything is falling apart
I'll be my shield

When I'm broken
I'll find my pieces

When I'm hurt
I've got bandages
from every other time
I was not alright

So I hope y'all enjoyed this!

Thanks for reading AFLAAT today! :)

-Allie D-

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