About Me, Nicole

Hi everyone! I am new to this blog and I am excited to start posting! So, I thought that I should write a post about me. I hope you like my posts.
• I am a girl
• I live animals and I have a dog, cat, and horses.
• I hate math
• I enjoy blogging
• I have a lot of siblings
• I love the color green
• This is random, but I like making lists
• I am very independent
• If you don't find me blogging, I will usually be reading or crafting.
• I have 8 American girl dolls
• I enjoy playing with little kids and watching them play :)
• I love making up hairstyles
• I have three other blogs. I have a personal blog, doll blog and a collab.
A Girl Meets World
Dolls With A Passion
Colorful Ideas (Collab Blog)

That is the end of my first post. YAY! I hope you enjoyed learning more about me. Thanks for reading!
~What is one fact about you~


  1. Cool. How many siblings do you have? How old are you?

  2. Hey Nicole! Nice to meet you! ^_^ You sound like an awesome person, and wow, we have a lot in common! I also love making lists (LOL) and I am a HUGE fan of American Girl dolls! :D Can't wait to see more of your posts on here. :)

    1. Hi! Thanks so much. I know, I love making lists,it is pretty weird!

  3. Hey! Wonderful job with you're blog! I love it! Nice to meet you too!

    Being indepent is a good thing, just makes relationships hard LOL