10 Things On My Bucket List

Hey guys! I honestly never had anything really planted on my bucket list until recently. Here are a few things on it:

1~ This would be awesome
I did the walk behind the falls in niagara but it doesn't really count since ur in a tube behind a railing:

2~ This will hopefully be happening within the next year
Many say they don't read the book of Revelation, it is too scary. Why not investigate this amazing book of prophecy.

create a reading nook where I can relax! Being by myself makes me feel so good. I do it often..

4~ Already in process ;)
DONE! I graduated from a french hight school and I am doing everything I can to keep my fluent french language that I am very proud of!

Bucket list: be in 2 states at once! It's just like the moment in the movie, A Walk To Remember!

Did in my moms backyard. Kept it for years but lost it :(  Gotta find another one

7~ If you didn't know, my whole family loves Lord of the Rings, so this would be a dream come true
This is a goal of mine. #newzealand #hobbiton:

The other day I saw a woman who was homeless and I drove by her. I have been thinking about her every night. I'm not doing that again.

9~ Again, in process
Before I die, I want to...Learn Sign Language. i know the alphabet and some other things but the whole this is definately a goal.:

10~ Kind of hope that this one happens...
this is probably the best pin there is for your bucket list! 2015

These aren't all of the things on my bucket list, but I figured that should be enough for this post.

If you guys would comment telling what type of posts you would like to see from me that would be great! I'm open to pretty much anything, so don't hesitate even if it's different. ;)



  1. You have an awesome bucket list!

  2. I would love that reading corner! I also would love to learn sign language as well. I know a little bit of it.

    You should do a giveaway post, what things you like to do and what hobbies you have, and you should do a question and answer video. :)

    1. Wow Ashley, thank you! Those suggestions are great!