Things I Would Not Want To Live Without

Photo Via Unsplash.com

Today I have a rather hard assignment. I have to list three things that are luxuries that I would not want to live without. So here we go. 

1. Cameras

Photo via unsplash.com

Yeah, I know you don't really have to have cameras in this world, but I am SO happy to have mine. Taking photos is pretty much my favorite thing in the world other then writing so far as hobby's go. 

2. Laptops 

Seriously, I can write on them, listen to music, post on my blog, view all my photos and communicate with my friends. It just doesn't get much better then that. I love having a laptop to use. Such as the one I am typing this post on. ;D

3. Chapstick

Yeah, this one seems rather silly, doesn't it? But I love chapstick. I use it a lot and trying out new brands is super fun. This year a friend of mine got me my first thing of EOS chapstick and I LOVE it. 

So, what are some of your favorite luxury's? 

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  1. Those are great things, Mikayla! I totally agree. :)