My Top 10 Favorite Things about Fall

Hello everyone!! ^_^
Today (since I've done a ton of nature photoshoots lately and it's time for a change) I thought I'd share with you my top 10 favorite things about fall! So grab a cup of coffee (or hot cocoa if you're not a coffee fan... LOL), sit back, and enjoy!!! :D

Alright, let's begin! :)

1. COOLER WEATHER! In the summer where I live, our highs are like in the 115's so cooler weather is much appreciated ^_^

2. Sweaters!

(sorry for the bad pic xD) 
I <3 my sweaters :D Oops- I realized I forgot to show my puffy ones :P Oh well :P

3. Leaves changing colors! The leaves in my yard are changing their colors, and I'm super excited! :D Here are some pics ;D

I wonder what bit out of this leaf... LOL!

You get the point XD

4. Hot cocoa! I LOVE hot cocoa. Mhhm. Okay, now I'm dying to have some XD

5. Fuzzy socks ;D I also have a strange obsession with them, LOL!


6. CHRISTMAS!!! Yup, everyone is probably excited for that to roll around! Fall is super close to Christmas, so there's another reason to love fall ^_^  * starts singing Jingle Bells*

7. Being able to put away the flip- flops! Here in the summer you practically never get to wear close-toe shoes because it's just so hot! I loooooovvvveee to take out my Bob's/ Tom's and Converse. My favorite shoes are probably


8. Garage sales! Garage saling is something I just love to do, and in the fall there are a bunch of good sales, unlike the summer ;)

9. Family get-togethers! Both sides of my Grandparents are visiting my family soon, and I'm so excited! :D 

Wow, that went fast! My 10th favorite thing about fall is how the sun rises in the morning so late, love that! In the summer I used to get up at 7 AM, and today I got up at 9! I love to sleep in ;D

Overall, I really love fall! The only reason why I don't like it is that now I can't swim in our backyard pool :( But at least my swim club is year- round, and I can still practice there! :)

Thank you so much for reading and have an awesome day! :) What are your favorite things about fall?


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  2. I love fuzzy socks too! I used to hate wearing an kind of socks but lately I've been feeling weird if I'm not wearing them! ;)

  3. Great post!! WOW!! You must live somewhere where it's really hot! Ack!! Love this list! Christmas is coming up so soon!!
    ~Katie@ sparklyambitions.blogspot.com

  4. I love fall! Though I think winter is better...

    Our first snowfall was today!! Yay! :P

  5. Oh totally agree with yah