~Random Nature Pics~

Hey everyone! I'm Jana, one of the bloggers here at AFLAAT!! This is my first official post on this blog, so yay! *dances* I don't have much for you readers today-just a few boring nature photos (it's funny.. I just got back from the beaches of California, and I only took a few pics of my doll at the beach {for my doll blog, to see it click HERE- not any non-doll photos and just now when I get back I decide to have my first post on here be a nature post....) Yes, and of course, these photos don't come close to Maddy's post.. (to see it scroll down 3 posts) Anyways, I hope to have a little more for you guys next Saturday.

This has seriously nothing to do with nature...

Thank you for looking and have a fabulous day! I post on here every Saturday, so you'll see me again next week.