Hi, I'm Vanessa.  I have my own blog Simply Me, and I will be posting here one Tuesday a month.

Here's more about me:

There is always something that drives us to write, share our thoughts, and opinions that is what motivates me.

What motivates me the most to write is the fact that I want to be able to look back on what I have done and experienced in my teenage life.  I have found blogging as the most effective way of writing all this stuff down.  I have always tried writing in a journal but had always failed to keep it updated.  With blogging it was different.  I found out about blogging three years ago, at the start of high school, and now I am a senior in high school; i am endlessly proud that I have kept up with writing on a blog.  I don't do it for the page views, followers, comments (although I do love comments), or fame.  I blog for myself, without the intention of getting blog famous.  I simply want to remember the teenage years and so on.

The following reason that I keep blogging is that through writing I can better understand my thoughts.  By writing about something I can easily figure out how I feel about it.  In August when I had to move, (post about it here) emotions were shed as I wrote about what had happened.  A little after writing about having to move and saying goodbye to August I had a clear understanding of what upset me and what I thought about August.  That was the post that allowed me to see that writing can be emotion filled and therapeutic.  Writing has kept all my thoughts together and made me a stronger person.

Now onto who I am, I am 18 and a senior in highschool (boring yet necessary info) I put a lot of energy into being a positive person.  I like paddling, dancing, cooking, running, photography, and much more.

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