Life Hacks

Hiii guys it's Ellie. BTW, 11 days until Christmas. WHAAAT?!? I'm so excited.
So..I'm talking about my favorite life hacks.
This one is obviously super helpful. Funny story, just this week I got a new pair of jeans. After a couple times wearing the jeans I wanted to take them back cause they were to small. Unfortunately, I accidently got a mysterious grass stain on it. So, now I can't take them back. lol the life of a kid I guess. ;P
 This sounds kinda weird, don't really know if it's true, but it just sounds funny.
 This sounds impossible, but it would be SO COOL if this was real. I might try it out.
 Okay, this works. Well I think. When we were at six flags this year, that's all me and my dad were doing. hey, it felt good. lol

 THIS IS SO COOL. I checked it out, and it's really true. SO COOL.
I tried this, and it worked. I love this hack because those weird looking sandwiches do not look good.
This is also another cool one.

So there you are! Hope these are as helpful as they were for me.

Thanks for reading!

bouncing in to say bye,
                                bernie (or Ellie)

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  1. These are all really cool! Thanks for sharing, Bernie! :)