Nature Photography

Today's theme is "Nature Photography", so I'll be sharing a few of my favorite nature photos I've taken. Hope you enjoy them! 

Water droplets on a leaf

An ornamental peach blossom 

A pretty leaf

A mini "waterfall" in a creek

Some Taiwan cherry blossoms  

A creek 

I think these are Bridal Wreath blooms...

A bird (I don't remember what kind)

Another ornamental peach blossom (see the red leaves?)

A dogwood flower

Not sure what this one is, but it's pretty!

More Taiwan cherry blooms 

The ordinary sky...

A close-up inside a flower

Which picture was your favorite? I'd love to know. :D

Thanks for reading!


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    1. Thank you! I like that one too, although I took it years and years ago. ;)

      Thanks for commenting, Maggie! =)

  2. These picture are amazing! The bird is a Heron and the flower is a Lily, I know that because my mum gets them ALL THE TIME! Xx